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Are you trying to decide which Husqvarna Software is right for you?  I devised this chart to help show the features based on what you are trying to do instead of the traditional method of just listing them.  See www.husqvarnaviking.com for more details.

What do you want to do? Sewing Machine Software
I want to sew designs that I receive from Viking. Rose, 1+, or Designer 1 None, simply order the card or disk of your choice.
I want to sew HUS designs that I see on the Internet Rose, 1+ You will need a Reader/Writer and an embroider card to write to.
* same question Designer 1 You will need the Disk Manager software that comes with Customizing System V
I want to make some simple changes to designs such as adding text, mirroring, or putting two designs together to make one. Rose, 1+, Designer 1 You will need Customizing - Your sewing machine will determine which version.
I want to create designs from scratch.  I like to draw and design my own pictures and want to create stitch files from the beginning to end. Rose, 1+, Designer 1 Digitizing is needed - See the section below to determine which version.
I want to convert a DST (or other) stitch file into a HUS file. any sewing machine 3D View and Convert
I want to resize a design more than the 10% the sewing machine will allow me to. And I want it to change the number of stitches. any sewing machine Resize Plus
I have a design with lots of color changes and want it reduced to the minimum number of changes so I don't spend all day changing threads. any sewing machine Color Sort
I want to transform a photo into a stitch file and still have it look like the photo (not digitizing) any sewing machine Photo Stitch will do this in 1 color; Color Photo Stitch will do this in 4 colors.
Naturally Leave Me In Stitches software can turn it into a petit-point or x-stitch for you also.
I want it all! I want to do the photographs, I may even want to alter a HUS file stitch by stitch.  Rose, 1+, Designer 1 You need the Embroidery Pro system.  It includes ALL the software.  

Software Differentiating Feature Notes
Customizing 95 Basic Customizing with Reader/Writer software inside Rose, 1+ - also need a Reader/Writer
Customizing Pro More fonts, more shapes, can save larger than 4" square designs.   Comes with Reader/Writer Pro Rose, 1+ - also need a  Reader/Writer
Customizing System V Customizing Pro + Disk Manager Rose, 1+ - also need a Reader/Writer
Digitizing Version 4 Basic Digitizing  
Digitizing Pro Digitizing + more stitches such as quick borders, more fill patterns (50 vs. 12)  
Format Conversion Pro Converts to/from HUS files to/from other popular formats. This has been replaced with 3D View and Convert.
Embroidery Pro Digitizing Pro + Customizing Pro + Format conversion + Stitch Editor Pro + Photo Stitch + all other titles  
Embroidery Pro System V All software in Embroidery Pro + 3D stitch viewer built in + larger hoop processing + Resize Plus + Color Sort  
3D View and Convert 3D stitch viewer and converter for many file formats.  
Resize Plus Allows you to change the size of your stitch files and change the stitch count also. *Note: some designs work really well and others require a bit of manual work to make them stitch correct.
Color Sort Allows you to take a stitch file with many of the same color and sort it down to a single color change per thread. This is a "smart" program and will not sort out color changes that are required so that something stitches above or below something else.